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Antmarkant is a luxury swimwear and beachwear label reflecting a sense of elegance, and focusing on high quality fabrics, custom made prints and perfect fit.

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Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

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Acceptance of the Terms and Conditions automatically means accepting the terms stated on the Privacy Policy page as described here

Contract of Sale/ Purchase

The following terms and clauses constitute the contract of sale between You (‘Customer’, ‘Consumer’) and our company (Seller, Trader) under the name LOOVIN STUDIES & CONSTRUCTIONS P. COMPANY.
In case you do not agree with the following terms and conditions, as well as with the privacy policy of our company, you MUST NOT proceed to use and buy product(s) from our online store.
By making use of our online store and accepting these terms, you state that you are over 18 years old and you have the capacity to perform any legal acts.

1.Identity of the seller/ trader:
Seller/ trader of all product(s) you purchase via our online store is the private company (I.K.E. under Greek Laws) under the name:
VAT NUMBER: 800672076
TEL.: +30 211 1112756
E-mail: info@antmarkant.com

2.Formation of contract of sale/ Conclusion of sale
After you have chosen the product(s) you wish to buy, the payment and delivery method, you shall proceed to press on the button labeled “CONCLUDE ORDER WITH OBLIGATION TO PAY”. Activation of this button indicates that you are making an offer to our company to conclude a sales contract with an obligation to be legally and financially bound.
By activating the above-mentioned button, you acknowledge that the order implies an obligation to pay.
Our company processes your order and checks for product(s) availability in order to accept your order or not. Declaration of acceptance (or not) of your offer by our company is included in relevant email (titled “Confirmation of order”) which is sent to the E-mail address that you have filled in the relevant ordering form, before you submitted your order.
We process your orders during business days and hours as follows:
Monday – Friday from 10.00 a.m. – 18.00p.m.
Following confirmation of your order, the product(s) are shipped to you (customer) according to the delivery method our company is offering, the payment method you have chosen and within the time frames indicated below (See. Section Delivery).
Unavailable product(s): If the product(s) ordered are not available, the company will not accept your offer and will notify you thereabout via email.

3. Payment policy/ models
Each product on our online store is accompanied with its purchase price.
Before You (the customer) proceed to the conclusion of the order, you are informed about the net price, the VAT, the total cost of product(s), including VAT and any other charges, taxes, including any delivery costs (if applicable).
Our online store is technically built in such a way, so that you are informed in a clear and precise manner about the detailed description of the goods chosen (characteristics, type, colour, size etc.), quantity of goods, the total and net price, delivery costs, as well as any additional charges or costs, before you conclude your order
If You (the customer) do not agree with the total price including additional charges or taxes, then you must NOT conclude your order and must NOT activate the button “order with obligation to pay”.
If the customer activates/ presses on the button labeled “CONCLUDE ORDER WITH OBLIGATION TO PAY”, he declares and acknowledges that he/she accepts the prices of the product(s), as well as the total price, including VAT, delivery costs, additional or any other charges, taxes, which he/she considers and accepts to be absolutely fair.
After you conclude your order, you receive an email containing analytical description of you order as well as the financial details about the relevant charges and costs (net value, VAT, total price, additional charges, delivery cost, taxes).

Our company has the right to change the prices of the products at will.
Any modification in the prices does not affect already submitted orders.
In addition, the company reserves the right to run any sales or discounts without any time or other restrictions.

3.1. CUSTOMS  (Duties & Taxes)

When ordering products, for delivery outside of EU you may be subject to important duties and taxes, which are levied once the package reaches the specified destination. Any additional charges for customs clearance must be borne by you. We have no control over these charges. Customs policies vary widely from country to country, so you should contact your local customs office for further information.

Furthermore, your privacy is important to us and we would like our international customers to be aware that cross-border deliveries are subject to opening and inspection by customs authorities.

4. Payment method
When placing your order, you will be asked to choose the payment method.
All payments are made in EURO.
You (the customer) bear all expenses, costs and charges for currency conversion.
In the prices, the relevant VAT is included (as in force at that time, – currently amounting to 24%).
Payments in installments are not accepted.
You (customer – buyer) bear any and all charges imposed by credit institutions (banks) for the conclusion of the payment.

You can choose one of the following ways to execute the payment for the purchase of the product(s):

4.2) Bank Transfer
You may pay the total price of your order by bank wire transfer to the following account:

Piraeus Bank of Greece
GR75 0171 7530 0067 5314 4919 670

National Bank of Greece

The bank wire transfer may also be executed via the online (e-)banking platforms or at a bank branch.

Processing and shipping of your order will not take place, unless you email the wire bank transfer receipt to our company at info@antmarkant.com and we verify that the payment for the purchase of the product(s) has appeared in our account.
If you choose to pay by bank transfer, your order is active for four business days, following the day you submitted your order. You shall proceed to the payment of the order (bank transfer) within these four working days, otherwise your order is cancelled.

4.3) Cash on delivery
You can choose this payment method only:

a)In case the total price of your order is below 500 Euro, and
b)Place of delivery is Greece or Cyprus.

For delivery in any other country, this payment method is NOT available.
In case you choose this payment method, you will pay the total amount for the purchase of the goods to the representative of the courier company making the delivery of the product(s).

You will be asked to provide proof of your identity upon consignment and delivery.

4.4) Paypal
In order to pay via Paypal, you will have to follow the instructions on the Paypal webpage available online. Paypal is the data controller of any data you enter into Paypal’s webpage or is processed during use of Paypal’s service and platform. If you choose the Paypal payment method, details of your order will be transferred to Paypal in order to conclude payment.

You are subject to Paypal’s Privacy, Personal Data Policy and Terms of Use/ Service.
Our company is not and cannot be held liable for any processing you your personal data which is made by bank institutions or Paypal platform.

5. Delivery of Product(s) – Delivery cost(s) – Tracking of order
As already mentioned, our company processes your orders from Monday to Friday, 10.00a.m. – 18.00p.m..
If any order is placed on a non working day or/and outside working hours, the processing of the order starts the next business day.
Delivery of the product(s) is made by use of courier services.
No other way or method of delivery is offered. You cannot choose any other courier company other than those mentioned below.

For Deliveries in Greece, we cooperate with ACS.
For Deliveries to other countries, we cooperate with DHL.

Costs and Transit Time in Greece

1. Attica: | Cost: 3 Euro | Time Transit: 1-2 working days (excluding Saturdays- Sundays and any non business days, or days of strike)

2. Anywhere else in Greece (other than Attica): | Cost: 5 Euro | Time Transit: 3 -5 business days (excluding Saturdays- Sundays and any non business days, or days of strike)

If you choose the method “Cash on Delivery”, you will bear an additional charge of 3 Euro.

Costs and Transit Time in other Countries (except for Greece)

1.Europe – Turkey | Cost: 28 Euro |Time Transit: 3-5 working days
2.USA – Canada – Israel | Cost: 35 Euro | Time Transit: 3-7 working days
3.Australia and other countries | Cost: 45 Euro | Time Transit: 3 – 7 Working days

Free Shipping for any purchase of total value over 300 Euro: We will charge no fees for shipping where the price of one order is over 300 Euro, irrespective of the place of delivery.

Delays in delivery
Our company is not liable for any delays in the delivery of products which are not attributed to our company’s fault (willful conduct or negligence), but to third entities (natural or legal persons) or to reasons of force majeure. Delays in the delivery may occur due to force majeure, that is, due to unexpected events which affect on time delivery (e.g. strikes, bad weather conditions, problems in transports, communications etc.) or due to reasons attributed to the will or mistake of you (the customer) (e.g. wrong delivery address etc.). For such events or situations, our company is not liable towards you (consumer/ user of our online store/ recipient of the product).

Tracking of order
The courier service providers, with whom we are cooperating for the delivery of the product(s), have a tracking system to check the delivery status. For every shipping, the courier companies issue a unique tracking number, which is sent to the email address you have submitted to us when placing your order. You may insert the tracking number in a relevant application (API) on the courier company’s site (ACS, DHL) in order to get details on the status of the shipment. The url to the tracking application will be included in the same email sent to you, to inform you about the tracking number.

6. Right of Withdrawal

6.1 Withdrawal
You (the consumer) have a period of 14 days to withdraw from this contract of sale without any reason. The withdrawal period shall expire after 14 days from the day on which You (the consumer) or a third party other than the carrier and indicated by You (the consumer) acquires physical possession of the goods. In the case of multiple goods ordered by you (the consumer) in one order and delivered separately, the withdrawal period expires after 14 days from the day on which the consumer or a third party other than the carrier and indicated by the consumer acquires physical possession of the last good

Exercise of the withdrawal right:
Before the expiry of the withdrawal period, You (the consumer) shall inform our company (the trader) of your decision to withdraw from the contract by making a clear and unequivocal statement via Email at info@antamarkant.com.
You may use the model withdrawal form and send it to us via email at info@antamarkant.com .

6.2 Effects of withdrawal
If you exercise your withdrawal right, our company (the trader) shall reimburse all payments received from You (the consumer), excluding, if applicable, the costs of delivery and the costs of pay on delivery, without undue delay and in any event not later than 14 days from the day on which we are informed of your decision to withdraw from this contract.
In case you exercise the right of withdrawal, we will send you a confirmation letter, including via E-mail, where we confirm receipt of your statement to withdraw, and NOT acceptance of withdrawal by our company.
Acceptance of withdrawal and reimbursement of the payment will take place only after the product(s) have been delivered to our company.
Our company has the explicit right to withhold reimbursement of payment until the goods have been delivered to us and checked for any damages etc. as mentioned in section … below in detail.
You (the consumer) shall send back the goods or hand them over to us (the trader), without undue delay and in any event not later than 14 days from the day on which you (the consumer) have communicated your decision to withdraw from the contract to us (the trader).

Cost of returning the goods
You (the consumer) shall bear the direct cost of returning the goods.

Diminished value of the goods
You (the consumer) shall be liable for any diminished value of the goods resulting from the handling of the goods other than what is necessary to establish the nature, characteristics and functioning of the goods.

Reimbursement of the payment/ money
We (trader) will proceed to reimbursement of the money you have paid using the same means of payment as you (the consumer) used for the initial transaction, unless you have explicitly agreed otherwise. (In case of deposit in your bank account, the costs of money transfer are borne by both.)
We will carry out the reimbursement provided that the products have been delivered to us undamaged, unused, unwashed, and without being diminished in value.

Return of products by the customer (consumer)
You (the consumer/ customer) acknowledge that you will bear all expenses related to the returning of the product(s) to our company.
The product(s) must be delivered to us in the same situation as handed over to you, in their original package, with all accompanied documents (invoice, receipt).

You must NOT remove any tags or labels which are attached to the products.

You must always wear underwear when trying on one-piece bathing suits, bikini bottoms or monokinis and must NOT remove the Hygienic Adhesive Liners Strips.
In case we get the product(s) back and the protective strip has been removed or is evident that it had been removed and been place back on the product(s), or the product(s) are damaged, or dirty, then we will NOT reimburse any amount to you.

You (buyer) are liable for any damage to the product(s) and/or for any diminished value of the goods resulting from the handling of the goods other than what is necessary to establish the nature, characteristics and functioning of the goods.

By accepting these terms and conditions (terms of sale), you explicitly agree that our company has the right to withhold any costs for returning the goods, since you bear these costs, as well as all price paid for the purchase of the goods, in case the goods have used in violation of the terms and conditions mentioned above (e.g. diminished value, damaged, removed strip etc.).

7. Faulty products or faulty delivery
Our company will replace any products which are faulty, lack guaranteed properties, or which are substantially different from those you ordered.
In case where a product(s) as delivered has(have) any faults, lacks guaranteed properties or you received a product(s) substantially different from the one(s) you had ordered (faulty delivery), then you have the right to ask for it to be replaced, that is, exchanged for another product of the same type, color, size with the faulty one.
If there is no product availability, our company will inform you thereabout and give you two choices, either to ask for money refund or to choose a new product to buy.
The new product that the customer chooses to buy must be of equal value with the returned one or at least of greater value in price (than the returned one). If you choose a product which costs less that the amount already paid, you are not entitled to any refund for the additional amount already paid.
If the price of the new product is higher than what has already been paid by the customer for the returned product(s), the customer shall bear the additional cost for the purchase of the new product(s).
You (customer) must report any faulty products or faulty delivery within 14 days after the product has been delivered to you at info@antmarkant.com.
We do not accept replacement or refunds for products which have been damaged as a result of fair use and wear, accidental damage, negligence or willful conduct of any person after delivery of the product(s) to you (customer).

8. Exchange of product(s)
In case of returns due to wrong size or colour, you may request exchange of the product(s) for a different size or colour, provided that there is availability. Exchange for the above reason is permitted only once. In case, the product(s) are not available, you may cancel your order by exercising your withdrawal right, ask for a refund and/or place a new one.
You may exercise your right for exchange of a product by sending an email at info@antmarkant.com within 14 days starting from the day the product was delivered to you.
The product(s) when returned, must be in excellent and resalable position, with original tags on, original packaging, undamaged, unused. The products must be sent to us with the receipt or invoice which was included in the package when delivered. You (the customer) will bear any return costs.

9. Complaints Policy
The customer acknowledges and declares that in case of any issues or dissatisfaction with bought product(s), with the whole purchase process or for any other reason, including use of the Online store and webpage, he has the right to submit a compliant at the following email address info@antmarkant.com.
Our company will contact you in due time to handle the issue that has arisen in the best possible way.

10. Privacy and Personal Data Processing Policy
When you place orders, buy product(s) or use the online store, our company processes your personal data.
In order to place an order, you need to complete the ordering online forms with identification information, your address, the place of delivery of the product(s), the payment method (e.g. Surname, Name, Address (street, number), PC, City, Country, Email, Telephone number).
We process your personal data since it is necessary a) for the performance of the contract between You and our company, b) for the purposes of the legitimate interests pursued by the controller, c) for compliance with a legal obligation to which we (the controller) are subject to, or d) because you have given us your consent (where applicable).
Our company is not liable for any processing of your personal data, which is conducted by the bank institutions or the Paypal services/ platform. Data Controllers in such cases are the bank institutions (e.g. Piraeus Bank of Greece) or the Paypal platform/ provider.

Reimbursement of payment: In case you have concluded the payment to our company for the purchase of product(s) and you exercise your withdrawal right within the 14 days period (as analyzed above), our company has the right to ask from the bank to cancel the transaction and to reimburse the payment made to you. Towards that purpose, our Company must process your personal data which we may transfer to the relevant bank institution.

Orders/ Purchases: Data collected during the ordering, purchase process (submission, processing, payment, cancellation, withdrawal etc.) are retained for the time period entailed by laws in force, (e.g. for legal, tax, customs related obligations etc.) and in any case, until the expiry of the applicable limitation period plus one additional month. If any legal action is in process, we will process your personal data for the time necessary until the legal action and relevant proceedings are finalized and permanently concluded.

The Processing of your personal data complies with the legal provisions in force, including the General Regulation on the Protection of Personal Data.
Detailed analysis and information on the Privacy Policy of our company and the rights you have according to the law, can be found on the following link:

11. Acceptable terms of use of the online store and webpage

11.1 You must refrain from any kind of conduct which may endanger the operation and functioning of the online store of our company.

You (customer) must comply with the laws, these terms of sale and use, the policies adopted and used by our company, regulations, directives, decisions of Independent or other Authorities, Codes of Conduct when navigating through our site, online store, when choosing products, placing orders, creating an account etc.

Any kind of conduct (either by act or omission) which may lead or aim at installing viruses, or any other harmful software on the online store, platform, servers is NOT permitted. In addition, you must NOT proceed to any activity which can impair the use of the online store, availability of the webpage and online store and which may cause problems in the online ordering system or damages to this webpage of any kind.

11.2 Intellectual Property Rights
You must refrain from any activities which violate intellectual property rights of our company (including but not limited to, copyright, trademarks etc.). Such actions constitute violation of laws and this agreement and are strictly forbidden. Logos, Trademarks, images, distinctive titles, designs, business names which can be found in our webpage are owned either by our company or third parties (natural or legal persons). You must NOT copy, reproduce, use them for any purpose. You are not granted any license (implied or express) to further use them in any way.

11.3 Your Summer Shots

Our website includes a section called “Your Summer Shots”.

You (the customer) of our website can send us via email a photograph of you, wearing one of the product(s) you bought from our online store. The photographs if approved, will be uploaded on the online store of our company in the relevant section: https://www.antmarkant.com/yss-your-summer-shots/ or on the social media accounts held by our company.
The purpose of the “Your Summer Shots” initiative of our company is to show our customers how every day women fit in our product(s).

The photograph shall contain images only of people who are adults.
Before we upload the picture, we will approve of the content.

The photograph must be decent.
It must not be sexually offensive, violent, porn, racist, abusive to people or animals, offensive to a religion or religious place, or include nude people either wholly or partly.

The picture must contain only the image of you and not any other person’s.
Pictures which include images or identified features of other individuals will be excluded.
Our company reserves the right to take the decision which picture will be uploaded or not.
Shall we consider that the pictures violate the terms of use of the website and the laws in force, then the picture will not be uploaded.
In addition we reserve the right to deny uploading a picture in case it does not suit or fit the aesthetics of our website or which is of poor quality.

In case your picture is not approved, you will receive an email stating the reason.
We do not provide any warranties and do not make any statements (express or implied) to you that your picture will be uploaded on our website or social media.
You are solely responsible for the pictures you send to us. You state that the person depicted in the picture is only you and not a third person and that you are an adult, 18 years of age or more. By sending the picture and accepting these terms of use, you indicate that you own full copyright in the picture and that you do not violate any intellectual property rights of third entities.

If the picture is uploaded on the webpage or social media, you grant us the revocable license of indefinite time, without any fees charged, to use the picture for the above mentioned purposes. You can revoke your license to use the picture at any time. You will inform us about the copyright notice you want to accompany your photo as well as the name of the copyright holder, and year of production of the picture. These information will be included under your picture.
We clearly state that we cannot provide any warranties and cannot guarantee that your picture(s) will not be copied by third parties, who are violating the terms of use of our website. Afterall, technology offers ways for someone to copy a picture or other material online even if the terms of use indicate otherwise and clearly do not permit it (e.g. taking a picture of a screen, making a screen shot etc.). If someone violates the terms and copyright notice, then you shall initiate any proceedings against the infringer and bear all relevant costs. Our company will not undertake such a responsibility.
If you revoke your license, our company will delete and remove the pictures from the company’s website and social media accounts/ groups. However, we clearly state that we are not responsible for any use of the pictures which may have been made online by other internet users and are not responsible for any copies of your pictures which may exist in the online and offline world.

11.4 Model Persona
In addition, we have launched the “Model Persona” initiative, which is about an everyday woman who accepts to pose gratuitously for our campaign, for charity purposes.
Our personal belief and passion around social responsibility lead us to dedicate part of antmarkant’s proceeds to supporting a non-profitable organization each year helping people in need. For the same purpose, we created the institution of “Model Persona”. A non-model, working woman is posing for free, for our company’s advertising campaigns, to strengthen our cause.
Photographs which will be taken by a professional photographer on days and time mutually agreed between us, will be uploaded on the webpage and social media of our company.
If you want to be a candidate for ‘Model Persona” you shall send an email at the info@antmarkant.com .
Our company will choose the Model Persona and inform you by email or phone.
You will have to send us only your name and telephone and a member of our team will communicate with you.
We do not provide any warranties or statements to you that you will be chosen for Model Persona.
The photographs taken will belong to our company which will be the copyright owner.
If you are chosen by our company to be Model Persona, you will be given to read, understand and sign a separate agreement with our company which regulates the relation of You and our Company regarding the Model Persona Initiative.
If you do not agree with the content of the agreement, you are free to deny to sign it and must not proceed in the participation in the Model Persona Initiative.

11.5 Liability
You are liable for any violation of these terms which may or is possible to cause damages of any kind to our company, its personnel, its affiliates, suppliers, clients. You acknowledge that you are responsible to compensate our company for any damages (e.g. direct, indirect, incidental, moral etc.) attributed to your willful conduct or negligence.

12. Modification of these terms of sale
Our company has the right to modify these terms of sale and the policies adopted without prior notice of the registered users/ customers of our online store.
In case of any modifications, registered users are informed about the changes via e-mail sent to the Email address he/she has provided to our company during the registration process.
Any changes to the terms of sale do not affect any orders submitted before the modifications or to any sales already concluded and delivered before, except if any laws in force mandates otherwise.

13. Governing Law/ Competent Courts
This contract of sale/ purchase and the terms governing the sales and use of our online store along with any modifications thereof, are governed by Greek Laws.
Exclusive Competent courts for any disputes which will arise, are the courts of Athens, in Greece.

14. Disclaimer

14.1 Our company is not liable and does not guarantee availability of the product(s).
14.2 Our company is providing the services and content via our webpage in their current situation and as is.
14.3 Our company is not liable for any kind of damage (including but not limited to, material, incidental, consequential, direct, indirect damage, loss of data etc.) the user of the online store and webpage suffers and for which (damage) it is proved that it has a causal link with and is the result of the use of the webpage, whether such damage is attributed to willful conduct, negligence of our company or third parties, providers or to reasons of force majeure.
14.4 Our company is liable for any delays in the delivery of orders or for any damages which may arise therefrom.
14.5 Our company is not liable for any problems in the operation of our online store and any mistakes in the demonstration of the products and their characteristics which is attributed to technical errors or force majeure. Our company reserves the right to restore and correct any typical errors and mistakes in the presentation of the products.

15. General Terms

15.1 In case a term of this agreement or part of the term is held to be invalid, illegal or unenforceable, such invalidity, illegality or unenforceability shall not affect the other clauses and provisions of this agreement, which shall remain valid and fully enforceable.

15.2 Upon acceptance of these contractual terms, the terms of use of our webpage and the privacy policy and policy on the processing of personal data, You acknowledge and state that you are over 18 years of age, have the capacity to perform any legal acts, have read these terms carefully, that you have fully understood their content and that you agree to be bound by them and fully comply with them.
Without accepting the contractual terms, the terms of use the webpage and the privacy and personal data policy, you can not purchase product(s) from our online store.

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